Note from Nathas (Regarding Miragul)

Information garnered from various sources substantiates what Otmaro Fabreen has recently claimed: Faznek Itrall, magician, Cazanos Lempl, enchanter; and Uzanor, wizard are one and the same person, and that person is Miragul. It is also evident that this once promising initiate has fled Erudin with a number of supporters. In doing so he successfully acquired some of the city’s greatest treasures and absconded with them to parts unknown. Initial investigations have uncovered evidence of a vast conspiracy linking members of all three branches of the Conclave, involving not only the breach of sacred trusts in sharing the secrets of individual guildhalls, but also the covert creation of a fourth guildhall devoted to the studies of heretical and profane.Currently, Peacekeepers watch every street and hall of Erudin, blocking all entrance or egress, and Deepwater Knights patrol the harbor, but reports come in by the hour of new disappearances, both in personnel and property, and of arcane clashes between loyalists and rebels. Thus far, interrogation of prisoners has yielded little information, but the High Council’s approval of sterner measures awaits implementation.

That Miragul is the principal force behind this movement there is little doubt, but how this journeyman of the crafts – even one so lauded for his genius – could fool the senses of the masters is unknown. Some worry that a higher power works its will through him, but in this regard representatives of Quellious and Prexus remain silent….

– Initial Report on the Disappearance of Miragul and Various Others, Nathas, Scribe to the High Council of Erudin

Source: EQRPG


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