The Chelsith Stone Rings

Conversation 1 with The Duality

You say, “Hail, Al’Kabor”

Al’Kabor:Al’Kabor says to you, “Greetings, adventurer.  I am pleased you have come.  We, as Norrathians, are close to a crucial point in our history, and perhaps in fact, our existence.  Only by understanding can we hope to avert what is to come.”

You say to Al’Kabor, “You speak of the Age’s End prophecy, is that right?”

Al’Kabor:Al’Kabor\/a says to you, “Indeed.  I believe, based on my studies, that the “prophecy”, as it were, does very well point to events that will come to pass, and that may be unavoidable.  But perhaps with proper study, we can discern what is to come and even a way to avert it.”

You say to Al’Kabor, “How is it that you know so much about the prophecy?”

Al’Kabor:Al’Kabor says to you, “During the Age of Turmoil, I came across information during my travels in Kunark about the stone found by the shissar in ages past.  It was apparent to me that I had stumbled across something of significant importance when it was no less that the agents of Mayong Mistmoore himself that I found the information with.”

You say to Al’Kabor, “What happened then?”

Al’Kabor:Al’Kabor says to you, “At first, my interest was primarily driven by the idea of countering Mayong’s plans, whatever they may be.  As I looked into the information further, it was evident that what he had found was more than some nefarious plot or insidious scheme.  I knew that I needed to learn all that I could about it.”

You say to Al’Kabor, “I see.  What were you able to find out?”

Al’Kabor:Al’Kabor says to you, “Information was difficult to come by, as I wasn’t certain what it was I was looking for.  I found, though, that it was much like the proverbial iceberg – the more I learned, the more I discovered that there was to learn.  Questions led to answers, which led to more questions.  It was quite some time before I could even put a name to what I was researching.”

You say to Al’Kabor, “That sounds frustrating.”

Al’Kabor:Al’Kabor says to you, “You might think so, but I found the feeling of discovery exhilarating.   Every step forward I took in the research was a triumph, and every step back was a new challenge.  I never felt like my endeavor was pointless.  Although I had many more adventures I went on with my companions, I worked on my research until my own death.”

You say to Al’Kabor, “So for all of your research, what did you manage to find?”

Al’Kabor:Al’Kabor says to you, “Admittedly, in spite of all of the time I invested into this, I discovered very little, as there simply wasn’t much information on the Age’s End prophecy available to me.  Mayong had hoarded the vast majority of it, and I was forced to decipher shreds of evidence hidden the tomes of Norrath’s libraries.  I did, however, make some interesting discoveries.”

You say to Al’Kabor, “What were those?”

Al’Kabor:Al’Kabor says to you, “I believe I have found the meaning of a couple of the symbols represented on the object known as the Chelsith Stone, but not necessarily their significance.  I believe the orientation of the symbols on the stone to be an important piece of the puzzle, but until recently, I had little idea what the face of the stone looked like.”

You say to Al’Kabor, “You have seen it, then?”

Al’Kabor:Al’Kabor says to you, “No, I have not.  But then, it’s not necessary that I do.  I’ve found that some notes have been made about the inscriptions on the stone, and I’ve been able to piece together my own picture of the face itself.  This will help my research immensely.  To be honest, I believe my role here will be to simply compile and piece together what has been discovered by others here, and see how they are all interconnected.”

You say to Al’Kabor, “You said you had deciphered some of the runes.  Which ones were they?”

Al’Kabor:Al’Kabor says to you, “Well, to be brief, the one I found first was the rune of the Dal Crown, which I found in the notes I discovered on the agents of Mistmoore.  I originally believed this to somehow represent Brell or the Underfoot, as it appeared to resemble the crown worn by the Duke of Below.  However, this appeared no where in any information connected to Brell Serilis, and in fact, no where in the Underfoot which Dartain was imprisoned in.”

You say to Al’Kabor, “Interesting.  What might it mean?”

Al’Kabor:Al’Kabor says to you, “I believe it more specifically points to someone who has a role to play one way or another in the Age’s End prophecy – my long time companion, Firona Vie.  It was for this reason I sought her out, and implored her to reveal herself.”

You say to Al’Kabor, “And so she did.  But how do you know that her part in this prophecy isn’t for ill?”

Al’Kabor:Al’Kabor says to you, “I don’t, until I know more about the placement of the runes themselves.  However, in order to discover that, I need to know the meaning of the runes.  This is where you can be of service.  I have a marker here with a rune symbol etched on it.  I want you to search for information, and see if we can unlock the mysteries surrounding it.”

You say to Al’Kabor, “Very well.  Where should I start searching for information?”

Al’Kabor:Al’Kabor says to you, “Given that this symbol shows up in many erudite structures of the past, I might research their tomes on Norrath, in the libraries where they live.  I studied in the libraries of Odus extensively, and was never able to find a satisfactory answer.  Bring any information you find back to me, and I will try to piece the puzzle together.  Good luck to you.”
You say to Al’Kabor, “And to you.  Farewell.”


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