Monoliths of Theer

You say, “Hail, Dartain”
Dartain says to you, “Shh… one moment. Let me finish this passage.”
You say to Dartain, “My apologies.”
Dartain says to you, “… and finished. Welcome back. What did you find out for us?”
You say to Dartain, “Quite a bit, actually. It seems that these sigils might be representative of something he calls the “monoliths of Theer”. According to his notes, these are important to the calendar of the Shissar.”
Dartain says to you, “The calendar… hmm.”
You say to Dartain, “There’s more. It seems that the calendar was intended to be a part of the stone. It appears that Mayong has unearthed the calendar, and is attempting to find the sigils that fit on its face. He seems to have found a few, and is still in search of them.”
Dartain says to you, “I have a theory. I want to see if we can test that theory. I have one more thing for you to do, if you would.”
You say to Dartain, “Certainly. What do you need?”
Dartain says to you, “This symbol, the one with the three lines on it, I have an idea as to what it might be. I’d like you to check and see if you can confirm my theory. I’ll need you to go to the library in Paineel. Search for any tomes relating to the Deepwater Knights, and search through the texts. I have a feeling you’ll find what we’re looking for there.”
You say to Dartain, “Umm… that’s it? Is there anything else I should know?”
Dartain says to you, “Not for now. I don’t want to color your perception with my theory. Return when you find anything.”
You say to Dartain, “Very well. I’ll return when I can.”


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