Book of Sunder

This book is lying on its side, clearly undisturbed for a very long time.  You lift it up, disturbing the dust that covers it, a small stone rune-engraved stone falls out.  In the book, some of the pages crumble to dust when you touch them, but a couple of others remain intact.  Reading through those, you find the following:

… it’s apparent that her visions were of things to come – or at least she believed so.  In searching through what I’ve discovered, it seems that she trusted few with the visions she had.  She did, however, seem to verify something that the shissar themselves believed – that this rune had something to do with the destruction of Luclin.  While it is never mentioned specifically by name…

… plenty of cross referencing to the shape of the rune.  There can be little doubt about it – the twisting spiral rune is none other than the Rune of Sunder, which represents destruction of the moon, if the doomsday calendar and the dreams of the Queen are to be believed.  I would like to next attempt to verify the apparent date of this…


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