Book of Oblivion

Thumbing through the books on the shelf, you notice that one in particular seems to have the very symbol you are looking for emblazoned on its cover.  Many of the pages have fallen to pieces, but a couple of passages seem to catch your eye.

… is not as I had thought.  I can feel my mind slipping away, but in the moments of clarity, I can see that I have been mistaken all along.  This rune, which I once believed to be my passage to the Ethernere, is representative of something far greater.  It seems to point to another event, although what that is eludes me, and I fear I may not have time to solve it’s mystery…

… Void… there is blackness there.  It is Void.  How can Nothingness exist?  It cannot, yet it does.  My lost daughters, I cannot come for you.  The Void is all that is here in this rune.  It is not a path to the Ethernere, it shows me only blackness.  The Void.  This is the Rune of Oblivion… Blackness…


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