Into the Depths of: Elddar Forest


Today, the once great city of Takish Hiz lies in crumbled ruins. The once majestic forest city succumbed to the fury of Solusek Ro’s wrathful sun, leaving sand and ruins behind.

In ancient days, the city of Takish Hiz nestled in the heart of the Elddar Forest. The elves who inhabited this lush forest are the ancestors of today’s high and wood elves. Adventurers can see the influences of these ancestors throughout the high elf and wood elf cities even now.

Tunare has enlisted the aid of Karana and Druzzil Ro to send adventurers back to this city in order to reclaim lost knowledge to aid in the fight against Mayong Mistmoore.

Background Lore

Tunare, the goddess of Nature, saw a lush forest and fertile land on a great continent in Norrath. She eagerly and lovingly created a race of elves and settled them into the dense forest. Those elves, who came to call themselves the Elddar, prospered quickly and greatly. And while Tunare watched her children with pleasure and pride, other gods came to notice the new world. These gods soon realized they received no invitation to be part of Norrath’s development and were not so enamored of those who had. One god who took particular offense was Innoruuk, the Prince of Hate.

Innoruuk seethed with anger over his exclusion from the new world and was most disgusted with Tunare’s loyal and kind elves. He felt them a weak abomination and chose to use them as an example of his power in the creation of his own race. He stole the first elven king and queen of the great house of Thex right from their thrones in the great elven city of Takish-Hiz. He would torture them both for three hundred years in his Plane of Hate until they were twisted and torn by his power to become the first Teir’Dal — the dark elf race.

Many years later, Solusek Ro, the Lord of Flame, saw the new world of Norrath and wanted to claim the same great lands Tunare had taken for her elves. His jealousy and determination overcame him and he would soon intervene.

Areas of Note

Palace – The palace of Takish Hiz is subtly elegant, with smooth, white stonework of the highest quality. The decorations are understated, yet beautiful and consist of rugs, magical instruments, and facted windows that highlight the superb craftsmanship of the elves.

Tunare Shrine – A temple to the goddess set in a hollowed tree. This area is where the priests and acolytes of Tunare gather to discuss the spiritual well-being of the city.

City Complex – The main area encompasses the library, magical workshops, amphitheatre, homes, and other necessary parts of a thriving city.

Nature Spirit Grounds –A training area for learning how to work with nature spirits and mastering nature based magics.

Orc Huts – A tiny orc village.

Giant Encampment – Intelligent giants reside in this mountainous encampment.

Area NPCs

Elddar Elves
Nature Spirits
Forest Animals
Nature Dervish
Forest Giants


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