The Crusade of Tears: The Return

The stage was set for the return of the Crusaders. They had been warned by dispatches from across the Ocean of Tears that Sir Lucan had taken some questionable actions, but none of the crusaders seriously expected him to resist turning Freeport over once they returned. However, when the first ships sailed into port, they found the Freeport Militia waiting to place them under arrest. In most cases, the crusaders refused to be placed in custody and simply marched unhindered to their strongholds in North Freeport, but on more than one occasion open fighting broke out. The ships the crusaders left at the docks were inevitably stolen or scuttled, and all efforts to resotre the Knights of Truth’s regular patrols in East Freeport met with missing knights and open fighting between the Knights and the Militia.

When the main force of crusader ships, filled with more than half of the remaining Priests of Marr and Knights of Truth, were spotted approaching Freeport a showdown seemed inevitable. The Freeport Militiagathered instrength by the docks, holding back just enough forces to prevent those crusaders already in North Freeport from coming to their comrades’ aid. Although the Militia seemed too weak to take on the crusaders, Sir Lucan knew that members of the Coalition of Tradefolk Underground and the Dismal Rage were hidden near the docks as well, ready to add their might to that of his troops.

No one will ever know if the combined forces arrayed against the returning worshipers of the Marr twins might have proven enough, for the fight never broke out. As the main body of ships was within minutes of docking, every Steel Warrior, Arcane Scientist, and Ashen Monk within the city came to the dock as well. Sir Lucan demanded to know if these groups intended to resist the Militia, but they responded only that they had come to see the returning crusaders safely back to North Freeport. Livid, Sir Lucan had no recourse but to allow the disembarking clerics and paladins to retreat to their headquarters. The other groups dispersed with the last of the crusaders, leaving Sir Lucan in charge of West and East Freeport, but not of the independent section of the city on the Hill in North Freeport.


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