Search for Immortality

Al’Kabor, the most powerful wizard living on Norrath, has reached heights of power the likes of which most have never even dreamed. For him, however, this will all be for naught if he is unable to achieve what he desires more than anything: Immortality. This would give him the ultimate power, the power over death itself.

So, Al’Kabor returns to his roots, to Erudin, to begin his research on the watermen, The Kedge. He now needs the help of adventurers to continue this research.

Al’Kabor requires a few components. He cannot be bothered with the menial task of retrieving his own spell components, thus he tasks a group of adventurers with the responsibility of bringing him the components he needs. First, he sends a group of adventurers to retrieve four gnoll teeth. With these in hand, he dispatches a group to retrieve an aviak charm from South Karana.

Finally, Al’Kabor needs something with a little more staying power, so to speak. Mammoth tusks from the beasts that roam the frozen plains of Norrath are said to hold this special property.

With these items collected, Al’Kabor continues his research.



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