The Scrawlings of Charannis

Rikantus says to you, “The Scrawlings of Chirannis are mine yet again. Never shall we let it drift from embrace until the cursed words and foul creed are needed again.”
You say to Rikantus, “What is this book and why did the gnolls have it? ”
Rikantus says to you, “The scratches within this ghastly tome have traveled far to meet the ears of gnolls. It speaks to them of origins and guides them to a foreboding destiny. The gnolls regard this as their newfound highest writ from the dog lord, Chirannis. They shall be very displeased that the sacred words were stolen from their lair.”
You say to Rikantus, “You promised me a reward.”
ou gain Alternate Advancement experience by completing a quest!
You gain experience!
You convert experience into Alternate Advancement experience!
You gain Alternate Advancement experience!
You receive 11 Silver, 46 Copper for completing Scrawlings in the Dark.
Rikantus says to you, “Here is your reward, a trinket from my personal vaults. It may appear old and tattered, but the wisdom within shall lead to great fortune.”
You receive \aITEM -1380201768 -735039439:The Trials of Sir Morgan
You say to Rikantus, “Farewell.”
You say, “Hail, Rikantus”
Rikantus says to you, “I have given you a rare trinket, traveler. Take your time to examine its riddles and let it lead you to fortune.”
You say to Rikantus, “I will examine the trinket. Farewell.”


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