Journal of Rikantus Everling

As you pick up the book several pages fall out and crumble to dust. You flip through the book, but very few pages are legible.

Droplets of water appear to mar what little writing is left on this page….. beloved sons Ollix and Maltus have past beyond my grasp. For all my wealth I could not save them from…..

3145 Firstchill…….. with the death of our sons, Alana’s heart was broken. I buried her this morning…..

…entry 3151 Busheldown, Burnday the 15th, I have sent my daughters guardians away at my daughters requests. I did not want to do this, but I love my daughters too much to deny their….

…entry 3151 Lastleaf, Featday the 27th,….. guardians to watch over my daughters they have become more reackless, especially Elise. Twice now we have caught her out walking the ramparts…..

…I was forced to watch the horror…. my own children… before my eyes…. I live now only to avenge them….

3397… fathers work shall not go unfinished… descendants of the guardians….

The last few pages are all but illegible.


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