The History of Solusek Ro and his followers

Chapter 1

Fire and ash race across the sky of the Plane of Sun as dark forms scuttle under the shadows of giant obsidian columns. This is the home of the great Solusek Ro! A burning fortress hardened in the flame of the very stars themselves!

Chapter 3

The young prince of fire began his journey into the cosmos for the first time. His eyes burned with the fury of the sun, and his fists held the power of an inferno that could only have been birthed in the forge of Fennin’s realm. For this was Solusek Ro, the Burning Prince!

Chapter 6

As Solusek Ro traversed the desert of destruction he’d caused in ages past, he found a poor wizard in need of aid. Struck with a vision of the future, the Burning Prince nourished in the wayward mage with flame and magic. Such is not usually the way of the Lord of Flames, but he foresaw a use to this mortal’s progeny many generations in the future. The young wizard, Rathmana Allim, swore his life to Ro’s service.

Chapter 7

Every generation since has raised the name of the Burning Prince high above all others, for a debt of gratitude that can never be fulfilled will last forever among the lineage of Allim. I, Marathan Allim, go now to the great Temple of Solusek Ro in the Lavastorm mountains to seek further service in the name of Ro as my ancestors have done. Perhaps I shall find a way to serve. – M.A.


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