Fortifying Innoruuk’s Realm – Volume VII

Fortifying Innoruuk’s Realm Volume VII With music and chants echoing throughout Castle Mistmoore, safe passage was granted to those who served Lord Innoruuk. As entourage of flowerers approached the graveyard, the minions of Mistmoore stood and watched closely. Once The Thaumaturge received the box of ingredients, she placed the leg and brain in a pot. She then grabbed the head of the high elf and let the blood drip over the pot. Next, she poured the contents of the red vial, the yellow vial, and the green vial of acid in the pot as it begin to hiss, spit and smoke. Those in attendance slowly backed away from the pot. The pot immolated with burning flames. The Thaumaturge reached her hand into the burning pot while holding an empty bottle. She then pulled out the Sacrificial Ritual Temper and sealed it. She then read the note that was given to her earlier and informed those in attendance where to go for the ritual. Tserrina Syl’Tor granted them the usage of a blood pool in her Tower of Frozen Shadow for the ritual but did not guarantee their safe passage. The time had come at last for the ritual to take place. The willing trolls were escorted to the continent of Velious with the exception of one. Evidently, a state of delirium overcame one of the trolls but he was dealt with accordingly.


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