Wolf Bane Lore: Volume. II

“Wolf Bane Lore: Volume II –Building the Weapon, Part I ——————————- Each sect is responsible for creating the portion of these weapons that the are most familiar with. The Taruun, Khati Sha, and Dar Khura components are described in the following pages. The Jharin and Khala Dun portions of the weapon and the finishing process are described in Volume III. —————————— The Taruun are charged with creating the Sonic Wolf Bane poison that acts as the basis for these items’ power. Sonic Wolf Bane Poison is made from: salass moss, tortoise saliva, sonic wolf blood, and poison dart felt from the dart of a grunt shaman. All of these items are reduced to a powdery paste with a special acrylia mortar and pestle. The resulting substance is baked in a poison vial, filled with water. The Khati Sha are responsible for stretching and braiding the toughened sinew lashings that securely bind the weapons. The toughened sinew lashings are made from owlbear and sonic wolf tendons. These tendons are stretched on a special set of dowels that fits into any sewing kit. While you have the sinew stretched in the kit, treat it with kelp salts and fish oil soaked rags. The Dar Khura have devised a formula that reacts to the porous metal from which the blades are made and seals in the power of the Taruun poison. This reactive soaking solution is made from blackened salt crystals, a sonic wolf brain, crystallized Ygri root, and digested night palm. These things are all brewed together in water and strained through a ceremonial metal strainer. —————————— The rest of the components and the sects that are responsible for them are described in the next volume of this series.”


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