Wolf Bane Lore: Volume. I

“Wolf Bane Lore: Volume I A sweeping scourge inhabits the marshlands, thickets, and forests. These beasts are best described as wolves, but their intelligence and uncanny ability to move through any form of darkness proves that they are a distinctively different threat. Our Dar Khura have found that these beasts display none of the bond that a Dar Khura and a true wolf would traditionally share. Puzzled by this, our most skilled alchemists studied every facet of these creatures and their metabolism. While these studies failed in finding a way to establish a relationship with these beasts, they did find a means of dealing with them. That is why the formula in this book is so important to every citizen of Shar Vahl. It describes the methods that should be used to build a weapon that will most effectively ward off these creatures. It is the duty of each of you to defend our home from these beasts. You can make a sonic wolf bane weapon with the following materials: Reactive Sealant Soak Sonic Wolf Bane Toughened Sinew Lashings Ceramic Dagger Sleeve* Porous Dagger Blade* *The exception to this is the Khati Sha. Their claws act as weapons and use Porous Claws and a Ceramic Claw Sleeve Set instead of these items.”


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