Study of Ethereal Suspension

“A new suspension has been discovered by Brak, a wood elf scout operating out of Firiona Vie. Due to the near gaseous consistency of the suspension we refer to it as ethereal. Several extremely deadly poisons can now be safely concocted and stored with the aid of the ETHEREAL SUSPENSION and a SEALED VIAL. The sap of two parts crushed CREEPER IVY will stiffen the muscles of the victim. Two crushed IVORY POPPIES with a single crushed FROSTY DATURA will be the bane of a magic wielding victim. Two parts NOHOPE MOSS and one SNOWCAP AMANITA will make the immune system of your victim susceptible to harm from the elements. The dead SHRIVELED FLESH of the armies that haunt Kithicor when made into an injected fluid will cause a tremendous atrophy of the victim’s muscle strength. Two parts flesh have proven sufficient. Two parts SCORPIKIS VENOM extracted from the monsters’ stingers enhances the venom, making it even more painful and deadly. Two chunks of CRYSTALLIZED SULFUR and one part SUCCULENT SAP will cause a deadly rage in the victim as they suffer extreme pain and often death. Two piles of SPIROC BONE DUST and one part SKYASH BILE will cause the victim’s bones to become brittle while granting them swiftness of motion. A particularly incapacitating poison can be created with two portions of MT. DEATH MINERAL SALTS and one vial of QUICKSILVER. An intense vertigo can be set upon a victim with a poison concocted of one part CRYSTAL NIGHTSHADE, one part BLACK HENBANE, and one DEATH CAP. The most pain inducing poison that I have discovered yet is created with two parts BLOOD THORN EXTRACT and one part EMERALDBERRY CYANIDE. This is as much information as I have gathered through my experimentation with the new ethereal suspension. Perhaps in time I shall learn more.”

One thought on “Study of Ethereal Suspension”

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