Mixxy's Delicacies Vol 1

“Edible Goo Next to pot noodle, Edible Goo is quite possibly one of the worst tasting dishes a creature would ever be forced to endure. Nicknamed “”don’t you dare feed me that crap””. Ingredients: Rat Ears and Flame Beetle Eye Cooking Instructions: Choose a random temperature and set the spit or oven to it. Mash the Flame Beetle eyes with stones until pureed. Add rat ears. Leave on heat until you gain the strength to consume the mixture. Taste Great with: No comment Candied Spider Soft and sticky Candied Spiders are known for their sweet outsides and tangy innards. Once a creature has eaten one it’s hard for them to not eat the whole batch. Ingredients: Spider Legs, Frosting, Spices Cooking Instructions: Spice and add frosting to the spider legs. Place them for a short time into an oven to liquefy the frosting. Let them sit outside until the Frosting has hardened. Best Served After: Fish Rolls and a Flask of Water Rat Sandwich Usually eaten unintention- ally when the little critters find their way into your bread supply. Also known as “”I-Should- Have-Bought-Myself-a- Lantern Sandwich””. Ingredients: Rat Meat and Bread Cooking Instructions: Grab whole rat and shove it firmly into a loaf of bread. Serve. Tastes great with: Pickled Snake and Ale Lion Steaks Lion steaks are by far the most succulent and juicy; even the toothless can easily gobble up this delicate meat. But the blandness of this meat re- quires massive flavoring. Ingredients: Lion Meat, Spices, Jug of Sauces Cooking instructions: Marinate well in sauces and spices to enhance flavor. Fire a spit or oven for low heat. Care- fully place the meat in the center of the heat without bruising the meat. Serve when golden. Tastes great with: Shark Rolls, and Ale”

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