Lobal's Cures for Undeath

“Lobal Postugger’s Cures for Undeath The practices of our unsavory kin that dwell in the mines of malfunction have caused a plague of undead. In order to help us rid the Steamfonts of the monstrosities my rogues and I have developed some concoctions that will rapidly increase the rate of decay in non-living tissue. The most basic of the concoc- tions simply involves mixing two piles of EMBALMING DUST in a mortar and pestle. A POISON VIAL and SUSPENSION are also needed for storage. More effective but also more difficult to mash properly is the pulp of two KINGS THORNS, a SEALED POISON VIAL, and CONSTRICT SUSPENSION The most difficult but also the most effective concoction involves grinding and mixing one KINGS THORN, one pile of EMBALMING DUST, one part WOOD ROSE, and LARENT SUSPEN- SION. A SEALED POISON VIAL is needed for storage. This will cause extremely rapid decomp- osition Perhaps with the assistance of these concoctions the Steamfont Mountains will soon be rid of the undead.”

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