Library of Mayong – Book

This book is newly bound, and seems to be a collection of Zebuxoruk’s prophecies as told to the monks of the Whistling Fist in the Tower of the Four Winds. Notes are scribbled in the margins in clean penmanship.

1. Once more, her allies will give rise to the thought of life anew. “Definitely a reference to Tunare. The presence of growth in the Lesser Faydark is undeniable.”

2. The hissing of the serpent shall strike back at this world with unexpected ferocity. “Unknown at this time. Perhaps more to be uncovered in the future? -SV”

3. Those who toil in eternity shall find riches in the dusk of time. “Likely a simple proverb. I can’t imagine this being more… -SV”

4. Forever the commander he has now risen in rank to play his part in ages end. “I wonder if this is Lucan or Rallos? The wording is not clear enough to make a solid prediction. -SV”

5. In the guise of harmony the mirror is flipped and chaos walks among us. “I have no idea at this time. Chaos? Guise of harmony? Makes little sense to me. -SV”

6. Those from below shall attempt to further their agenda below the throne of Brell. “Most assuredly the ratonga. Our network of informants has indicated that they are up to something in the ancient dwarven halls of Kaladim. -SV”

7. Cleft in twine at the dawn of time, the two shall stand once more in a united front against that which brings the end. “Ahh, this is your favorite, my master. I believe this will be very crucial to your research. I trust you already know what this references. -SV”

8. From realms below and beyond the lord of darkness shall return to play his part in destiny. “Ahh, my master! You are indeed referenced in the fallen one’s ramblings! -SV”

9. The orbs are not so great as the crimson lord might have you believe but they are powerful. Beware service in his name. “Feh. Nagafen and the eggs of his brood. This is of little use to us. -SV”

10. She who represents the forbidden two shall begin the march of fate. “I am at a loss to explain this reference. -SV”

11. Etched in stone, the first key from dawn shall be revealed. “Another line of great import, I believe. This may reference the stone which you have been researching. -SV”

12. The age of the dragons is waning though they know it not. Seek now your fortune in the affairs of the other mortal races. “And the Claws will get their due. Though I believe ‘mortal races’ to be a mistake. Obviously the ungod forgets us. -SV”

13. The Nine shall return and face the end. “And the true key. We just do not know the ninth. I trust you will find the information though. -SV”


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