Korucust’s report to the Di’zok

“My liege and fellow servants of Di’zok, As I mentioned in my initial report, the evidence of a conspiracy within our ranks has been coming to me in bloody fistfuls. My disgust in this matter only helps to drive me forward in my investigation. I will rid our people of the disease that has brought treachery and suspicion to our very home. I will personally rip the flesh from the bones of any who dare to conspire against our people. I must thank you again for your generous acceptance and nomination to the council. The opportunity to sit at the glorious feet of the Di’zok family, is a most gracious blessing. I feel that my discovery of the traitor and his followers was a gift… a gift that now allows me to better server the blessed family Di’zok. I humbly thank you for your support in this matter. Your most loyal servant and seeker of truth, Korucust”


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