Journal of Gimblestan XI

“From the notes of Gimblestan, First Assistant to King Ak-‘Anon the XVII, Master of the Tinkering Arts. Volume XI As previously mentioned, the fishing expedition had been planned for second-week, with a prize going to he clan that could pull the most fish from the waters of our beloved Lake Tildunk. How could we resist such a contest? It was a given that we would use our superior intellect to come up with a better way to win the competition. Snivlin suggested the use of underwater explosives, claiming that we could catch the fish once they floated to the surface. This was immediately voted down by the committee, since other groups might grab the fish we had used such innovation to catch. I myself was leery, remembering the accident at the FIREWATER storage facility from the previous week. It seems some young gnome, wanting to make FIREWORKS, had fixed the wrong ratio of water to gnomish spirits, resulting in unstable fuel for the fireworks. When she later attached the bat wings to the metal shaft, the unstable firewater ignited prematurely, sending the firework screaming into the storage facility. The new storage cavern was a welcome addition to our city. The committee finally decided upon a gadget of my own humble design for the contest: ANIMATED BAIT. Armed with bits of cork and sprikets, we assembled mass quantities of this new style bait. The final piece of work for the contest, and my personal favorite, is the COLLAPSIBLE FISHING POLE. Using three metal rods and some gnomish bolts, I tinkered together a fishing pole that would fit inside of my belt pouch. It was a good day to be a gnome. “

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