Excerpts of the Journal of Erud III

“Journal Excerpt Seven Our friend Tolsarian has led us from Kelethin deeper into the Faydark to the High Elf, or Koada’Dal as they are called in their own tongue, city of Felwithe. I must say compared to the tree city of Kelethin, Felwithe is indeed a splendid sight to behold. It’s white walls and palaces soaring high above the canopy of the forest. I am surprised to find that the Koada’Dal are much taller than their Fier’Dal relatives, their complexion is much paler and their hair and eyes the colors of the stars and skies instead of the earth and trees. We received a far less hospitable welcome to the city of the High Elves than we had received in Kelethin. The guards at the cities gate questioned Tolsarian for quite some time and looked over each member of my company thoroughly before admitting us within the outer walls. Once inside the city proper it became apparent that while the Feir’Dal are wise, the Koada’Dal are the intelligent branch of the elven family. I have beheld wonders in this city beyond any I have imagined. In the northern quarter of the city is a tower where the elven sorcerers study and store their magical tomes. If only I could gain admittance to the tower and browse the texts myself. Journal Excerpt Eight A member of my company has acquired a set of High Elven tomes that he claims have come from the tower of the Keepers of the Art, the name the Koada’Dal sorcerers have given to themselves. He has not mentioned how the books came to be in his possession and I dare not ask until we are far beyond the gates of this city. Tolsarian has agreed to take us through the Faydark to the borders of the Steamfont Mountains, home of the Gnomes, creatures of distant relation to the dwarves of Butcherblock. I do not look forward to another stay in a subterranean city but from what I have heard of the gnomes, the discomfort may be rewarded with knowledge pertaining to my interests. I am also eager to be away from the condescending nature of the Koada’Dal, despite the magnificence of their city and the wonders they possess. Some of my company find my reaction to the demeanor of the high elves to be amusing but I do not share in their humor. Journal Excerpt Nine The Steamfont Mountains are unlike any mountain range I have beheld. Great geysers jettison steam and scalding water into the air and mist and fog blankets the ground and sky. Tolsarian has left our company for the time being and will await our return at a small elven outpost in the Faydark not far from the borders of Steamfont. I have begun research to decipher the texts that were acquired in Felwithe but fear that what few tomes I have brought with me on the journey are not sufficient for proper study and I will not likely make much progress with the elven texts until I am able to return to my study in Qeynos. “

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