Delius Thyme's Diary Pg. 74

“Oct 2 Today was an especially cold day. Never stay in Halas again. The only bright point was I met a Master Brewer named Garsen who agreed to join our group and help us explore the uncharted depths of Permafrost. He seems to speak only in rhyme which is a bit annoying but his skill with weapons makes up for it. He said he has to keep practicing because he is writing countless books of Brewing Limericks. Oct 3 Everfrost Mountains must be the coldest place on Norrath, and to make matters worse we were almost killed by a Mammoth that appeared over a peak. Tolan was almost slain but Garsen saved him. Oct 4 We discovered underground caverns. The only thing more frightening than monsters is Garsen opening his mouth. I’d say, “” I need to sit and rest””. He’d follow with; “”Do you really think that’s best?”” Tolan said, “”We could really use a Cleric””. Garsen replied, “”Don’t be a hysteric””. I can’t take it, can’t take it.”

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