Creation of the Swifttails

Creation of the Swifttails——————————–
Master Zan Fi believed in his power and faith and made way to do battle with Cazic-Thule in his own plane. Dispatching his minions one by one he came to the Lord of Fear. He saw and threw insult and challenge to him. Zan Fi would fight Cazic-Thule alone. It was a fight that lasted for days, Cazic-Thule was weakened but Zan Fi would be defeated in the end. Cazic-Thule seeing this amazing skill in battle decided that it should be instilled into broodlings of his great race. He took the essence of Zan Fi and placed it into an Iksar. Tynn was the product of this creation. Cazic-Thule granted Tynn one great gift, the gift of the Whistling Fists. He did this to mock Zan Fi and his failure in battle. He was placed within the empire of Iksar and would have only one thing in mind, to train other Iksar the way of the monk to inflict the pain unto their foes.

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