Aataltaal II : Silent Vigil

For Aataltaal’s plan to work, the human majority of Landing had to be left leaderless as soon as the dark elf and orc threat was weakened. Lady Delailith was well known as his second, however, and thus was a natural choice as his successor. After the attack of the Long Night and Aataltaal’s disappearance, Lady Delailith fled as well, to prevent this very thing. She took with her several close friends and allies, mostly gnomes and elves who had served the Combine Empire, but told them nothing of their destination.

Not wishing to be found by those who felt loyal to her and Aataltaal, she hid far away from Landing, in the Hills of Shade. From there she kept watch from afar over her old city, now called Freeport, through agents and potent magics. But Aataltaal’s plan worked, and the city never had need of her. After many decades more she succumbed to old age, and her agents buried her in secret. The location of her tomb and the Rod of Command was to be kept, in secret of course, by her agents, but in time they too died without heirs, and thus took her secret with them. Having voided any record of her name or fate, Lady Delailith was lost and forgotten.


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