Miragul’s Earliest Journal

My Thoughts
By Miragul
(Keep Out)

I have left my home to begin my studies among the wizards. Though my mother wept to see me go, I cannot feel anything but joy at being gone. I was never meant to live their life. I have known since I was a very young Erudite that one day I would rank among the most powerful beings on Norrath, and today marks the beginning of my journey to that.

Today I began my studies. It is clear that there is a division here among those who are powerful, those who may be powerful one day, and those who will never truly be powerful. You can see the way they coddle those who show exceptional promise, and I am no exception. While all students received the same introductory materials, we were given the finest picks of the lots. I am glad they can see the truth of me. I’d have had no patience with this place if they had misjudged me. I will not waste my time doing the tasks of the lesser just to prove myself.

Most magi choose to focus in one school of magic. Were I to follow this traditional path, I would continue to study wizardry for the rest of my life, learning each and one of its subtle nuances to an exceptional degree. Only, it would be nothing but wasted time. Though I do find wizardry to be an exceptional discipline, I know I will only spend so long here before I seek out mastery of sorcery and enchantment as well. And then…? Well, maybe then I will seek out the whispered fourth art, the dark art: necromancy.

Incompetence! Foolishness! I was sent today to study among one of their lowliest magus. Certainly, he is regarded as a master, but among the other masters he is well known to be a buffoon who. He had me blasting dummies with bolts of electricity all day, though I told him I had long since learned the spell! He said, “Nonsense, you are still a student, and I am sure you have more to learn of this spell.” Any fool could see I didn’t need the practice. I was insulted once just by being assigned to him, but the day’s events are a second insult. I won’t take such a slight again.

All of the students today offered demonstrations, and though there were many who offered passing performances, mine soared above the others. I believe that they all now know my competence. I have no doubt they will graduate me to the level of master much sooner than is standard after what they saw today.

Idiots! Small minded baffoons! They have refused me the chance to advance earlier than is prescribed, even though it is clear that it is ludicrous to force me to wait that long! Why can’t they see that not everyone needs the same amount of time and it is a waste to force me to do anymore? I can only assume they are afraid of me, and plan to once more make my stake before the council, point out to them the error of their ways.

That is all. I have been refused once again. That is it. I am done. Whether or not I have their sanction, I will be moving on soon. Studying here any longer will only hold me back. I have gotten what I need from it, and now I will go seek more.

Source: EQRPG


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