Ardathium Vol. II

In the first years to crown the Monument Age, the Fortress of Ardathium was erected in the northernmost(southernmost)fields outside the Elddar Forest. Established by the half elven paladin, Countess Viannay, Ardathium would be the first of the great monuments established in the name of Mithaniel Marr throughout all of Norrathian history. Dedicated solely to the crusades of The Truthbringer in the name of valor, honor, and truth, Ardathium was one of Norrath’s most beautiful, though tragically short-lived treasures.

Constructed of pure alabaster stone and crowned in statues and tower caps of solid gold, Ardathium was a sight to behold. Its white and blue banners rose high toward the heavens and the brilliant glinting of sunlight off of its tower’s golden caps could be seen for miles above the lush, green canopy of the Elddar Forest to the south (north).

The Che Virtuson was established shortly thereafter – an elite force of zealous knights and priests dedicated to The Truthbringer and his divine word. A small commune of faithful peasants dwelled within the outer sanctum of the fortress’ temple, though the fortress was primarily governed as a war-front against the dark evils that lurked in the eastern swamps of Innothule and the Feerrott. Countess Viannay appointed three Viscounts to her aid, dubbing each of them a General of the Che Virtuson and second in command to only her dominion over Ardathium.

Grenic Drere, a human paladin of Marr who had led several knights and faithful pilgrims to Viannay’s aid during the first battles with the troll armies of the east (south), was among those appointed to lead at her side.

Ardathium would launch several campaigns against the massive trollish armies that dwelled in the swamps of Innothule to the east (south). Countess Viannay’s fervent regard of the amphibious race as a poisonous plague upon the face of Norrath and her military prowess in conjunction with her unchallenged zealous faith in The Truthbringer would lead the Che Virtuson to several victories over their enemies — all the in the name of Mithaniel Marr.

Unfortunately, Countess Viannay would not live to see the end of her life’s work and her death would be the first step toward the glorious fortress’ demise several generations later.


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